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This non-bridal kite utilizes 5th line for full 100% depower and safety and is designed as a 6-strut high performance kite that suits any rider looking for the ultimate freeride experience.

We have only used the finest selection of Teijin & Dacron materials to make sure that this kite withstands many years of use and abuse at your favorite spot - whether it includes polar bears, powder snow or 30 degrees and unforgettable conditions.

While featuring high performance in all areas, the ALIBI is our most stable kite yet. The moderate bar pressure and fast relaunch ability of the Alibi, makes uncompromizing high performance freeride kites available to any rider, regardless of level.

This kite really does it all, and is by far the most used kite in our team riders quivers. Taking on huge barrels, landing kite loops or spraying newly fallen powder snow, is what the Alibi is all about.

Available colours: red/black blue/yellow blue/grey

Size A/R Wind range Retail
8m ~4.2 9-18m/s 872 €
11m ~4.2 8-14m/s 926 €
13m ~4.2 6-12m/s 1013 €

Prices shown includes kite with bag, pump and repair kit. Prices include 25% VAT. Bar is purchased separately.





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