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Nuclear Bar från New Kite Boarding

New Kiteboardings Nuclear bar is probably the most versatile 5-line bar system on the market. Thanks to the Neu5-safety system, the bar offers complete depower with 100% effiency.

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Riders of all levels appreciate the 5th line advantages besides the total safety, which include faster kite relaunch and easy possibilities for several levels of suicide-leash when learning new tricks in controlled environments. Whenever you'll go big and miss your landing, you'll also appreciate the soft bar ends with EVA-foam which reduces the risks of damages and bruises to your fingers.

A lot of work have been put in the Nuclear bar 2010 version. The bar is made out of carbon fiber and has a reduced diameter design with a solid stainless steel center insert for increased durability and reduced wear of the depower and Neu5-line. Specially designed stopper balls does also help to reduce wear in the long run.

The depower is adjusted with the help of the straps, which easily can be used to adjust the power to your preference.

If you use 4th line kites in your quiver as well, the bar is easily converted to be used for such kites, thanks to the factory fitted re-ride ring on the right rear line attachment, which also works as a backup safety solution if your 5th line should ever break during a session.
The chicken loop is fully adjustable in size and replaceable together with almost all of the bar parts.

New Kiteboardings heavy-duty leash that comes with each Nuclear bar is rated for over 200kg and have been durability tested without any issues. The leash also features a trip-pin release for real emergency situations when you need to be fully disconnected from your kite.

Thanks to the feature which we call sneaky lines, thelines is colour-coded in unique scheme which saves time rigging and setting up the gear before each session. This is a great asset if you rig your gear against bright surfaces - snow included.

The design of the bar is simple. The bar is all black on the front side, with international black/yellow caution pattern on the back, to make it easier to keep the correct side of the bar up.

The bar is available in both 45 & 55cm wide versions with 23 & 25 metres of line length to suit your preferences and kite size



Tillgängliga storlekar

Linans längd Bar bredd Pris
23 mm 45 mm 325 euro
23 mm 55 mm 335 euro
25 mm 45 mm 325 euro
25 mm 55 mm 335 euro